When you decide to embrace the concept of The Law of Attraction, there will be some who will say, “That’s nothing but metaphysical mumbo jumbo, to succeed in the real world takes hard work”. For those, ask them to consider the following story.


It's a cold, crisp morning, and the dim light of dawn is still hours away. No one sleeps; instead, there is a frenzy of activity. News teams shuffle their feet and hover close-by waiting for something momentous to occur and then it does. Three oddly clad men walk with a cumbersome gait toward the news cameras and wave. If this weren't the 20th century, we'd surely think this was a movie set for a sci-fi film, or perhaps real ETs from another planet.

The three men are dressed in white lumbering spacesuits, with bubble view helmets hiding their grinning faces. But this is no movie, nor is this an extraterrestrial visit. These men belong to us; they are the astronauts of our first NASA Space Shuttle craft, Spaceship Columbia.

The three men are guided into a small motor home and driven toward the steaming spaceship glaring in the predawn spotlights. News commentators flash bright smiles and spin rhetoric about this monumental event. Although we are well into the space age, we've walked the moon, we've had communication satellites for decades; but never has a spaceship taken off from earth with the expectation of returning to land like an airplane, on a runway.

Years have gone into the planning, testing and finally the execution of this event. Men and women have dreamed (imagined) of a man living and working in outer space and this event adds to the foundations of those realizations.

The technical specifications for Columbia would cause anyone to draw a quiet breath. The rocket reaches 184 feet into the sky and weighs four and a half million pounds. Is it possible for this Goliath to hurl itself past the tendrils of gravity?

As a nation we collectively whisper good wishes, both dreaming it could be us, and grateful it's not. The spaceship holds a half million pounds of fuel and is expected to generate five million pounds of thrust which will catapult Columbia to an altitude of 23 miles in only two minutes. But 23 miles is just the beginning; the climb would continue till the earth stood shimmering in the golden light of our sun, altitude 189 miles. By the time it reached this orbital altitude it would be traveling 17,000 miles per hour, a speed we cannot even imagine on the surface of the earth.

“Columbia, this is Houston, the countdown is continuing in T-minus.

10,…….9,……..8,……..7,……..” People around the world held their breath. “6,……..5,…….4,……..3,………, we have pre-ignition sequence,…..2,………1…….

Columbia lifted on a white-hot column of fire that was heralded as one of the most magnificent displays of energy the world had ever seen. America and the world, listened as the spaceship clawed upward toward the cold vacuum of space.

One hundred and thirteen times it circled and radioed messages of success to a waiting world. For seven days it rode the cold vacuum before descending into the blistering heat of reentry. Feverishly hot it entered the atmosphere, using small maneuvering rockets to align perfectly with the shimmering salt flat runway below.

A spaceship had slipped the surly bonds of earth then returned on metal wings to bring the stars and the universe a bit closer to home. Imagination accomplished this. Imagination, coupled with the work necessary to build a spaceship, then send it into orbit and successfully return to earth, this was a pivotal moment in history, a
the moment that began in the mind.

The space shuttle, with its millions of parts and thousands of separate systems, is an excellent example of how the individual and collective imaginations of many can be combined to create an immensely complex technological miracle. If the seed had not been planted in the imagination, Columbia would never have flown. Indeed it took money, work, planning, and people, but first, it took imagination.

The subconscious mind is home to the imagination and this is where “The Law of Attraction” is activated. There is nothing you cannot accomplish if you set YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS mind to it.The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful laws in the universe. What you think about is what you bring about into your life. You can improve your life dramatically by improving the thoughts that you dwell upon and the actions that you take. Focus your mind on the good things you can accomplish, that you will accomplish and never let the naysayer tarnish your dreams, when you can do that, that is the moment when “The Law of Attraction” will begin to take effect.