There is Genius Within All of Us – Awaken Yours


How bad do you want to succeed? Are you willing to sacrifice, get up early, do without, ignore what others think and focus on your dreams and goals? That’s what it will take to reach and then exceed your goals.

Within each of us is greatness, but few realize this and fewer still have the drive to develop and bring their talents to greatness. Writing this, I have no idea what your dreams and aspirations are, but I do know that within you is a power so great, it is without limits, but it does need to be nurtured.

Focus your energies, take the time to look within and see your potential, then walk toward it confidently, if there are obstacles (and there will be) find a way to get past them, over them, around them, thru them, but do not let them stop you.

Dreams are things that have brought the world to what it is today, every piece of technology you use started in someone’s mind; it was a dream they turned into reality.

You can do the same.